36 Days of Type: Letter Y Speed Art

TLDR: A speed art of an illustration we did of the letter Y in the style of a yellow jacket.


For 36 Days of Type, we did every letter and number in an illustrative style that would be for a kids coloring book. We in fact did this project to make a coloring book for our son Milo.

The project was challenging and so very fun. This Y speed art is our process from digitally drawing this yellowjacket to then bringing that drawing into Adobe Illustrator to finalize it. The final product is an illustrated and finalized ‘Y.’

Enjoy the ride!

The music we are listening to while we made this:

The tools we used in this video:

Procreate for drawing and coloring.
Adobe Illustrator for the final artwork.
Astute Graphics Illustrator plugins for added tools and incredible manipulation of those vector points.


Next Up:

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