5 To-Do’s To Help You Get An Amazing Logo

5 To-Do's To Help You Get An Amazing Logo - Tickyboom Design

We are writing this article to help you have a fab relationship with the designer who is developing your logo. This article will also help you understand some elements that go into developing a logo. Fun right?

Here is five to-do’s to get you on the right path to logo gold:

Numero Uno: Know Yourself

Who are you? What is your company about? If you had only 15 seconds to describe your vision and what sets you apart from your competition, could you do that? Actually, do it. Out loud. Go.

Ok, now reflect on what you just said out loud. That needs to be communicated to your logo designer, and you need to believe it. If you feel what you said is unclear or bores you; work on that. Get stoked on what you are doing. Even if you are selling toilet bowl cleaners, love the eff out of it. Do it with more authenticity, joy, and honesty than anyone else. Own it. Once you are to a point where you own your vision and identity, communicate that to your designer. They will love you for it, and it may give them that extra inspiration to really level up your design.

Dos Boligrafos: Answer the questionnaire

A designer will send you a questionnaire form the start of your logo project together. Sometimes a questionnaire can be long or short. That is at the designers’ discretion. The goal of the questionnaire is to help you give a designer the blueprint and roadmap for designing some logo gold. Do you want logo gold? Answer everything you can, and make sure to give things a fair amount of thought so you are giving the designer a super clear picture of your vision.

The job of developing a logo is hard and fun work. You are essentially distilling a companies values into a mark. No pressure.

Tres Amigos: Know your competition

In your area of expertise, there are other folks trying to do their thing just like you. Study them. Learn from them. When we say learn from them we mean find things that you want to aspire towards and identify things you do not want to do. Reach out to a company that is killing it, and see if they will help you understand your market. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Another reason to study your competition is to visually see what other logos are ruling the market. Maybe everyone has blue logos, and you might want to take this chance as an opportunity to make yourself stand out. Only if the ‘standing out’ lines up with your authentic vision.

Los Cuatro Ruedas: Know what you want

We love when a client approaches with set goals, a design in their head and a glimmer in their eye. Knowing what you want is fab! (With the caveat to #5). Usually, when someone knows what they want in a logo they have been inspired and acted with confidence to communicate their goals. Do it. Own it. Research some logos, get inspired. It can be fun to go through the process of finding your visual direction.

A logo can be a simple mark to a complicated letterform. At the end of the day, its power lies in what it is connected to.

Cinco De Mayo: Be open minded

The uniqueness each designer brings to the table is just plain awesome. Be open-minded that your logo designer will come up with a solution that you NEED! Be open to the creativity that your designer has been honing over the years to come up with something that may just blow your doors off! At the same time don’t be afraid to ask questions. What is the thinking behind this foreign direction? Let your designer bring you into their world to inspire you in a particular direction.

For a logo we recently did we created a simple crown perched on a simple ‘P’ for Pump Up The Jam. We communicated that the logo was a nod to hip hop, caboodles, and just plain fun. That sold our client and they totally bought into this vision and they felt empowered to have more fun with their vision and communication.

That’s a win. We want you to win too. Go win!

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