5 Ways You Can Tell Your Brand Story With Your Website

How to leverage a website to tell your brand story. What different types of design can do for your brand. How to think about communicating your account effectively.

When someone visits your website you have a big opportunity to tell your brand story with more depth. We are writing this post to help you do just that.

Here are the following 5 tips that will help you rock your brand.

Tip Numero Uno: Hero Illustrations

What are hero illustrations? They are illustrations at the top of your page that a user will see on the first page load. These are mega powerful in conveying your brand message and ethos with words and an illustration.

A hero illustration will allow you to quickly communicate your brand. You can also accompany an illustration with high-level copy and a call-to-action. Great stuff!

Tip Numero Dos: Site Icons

An icon is a small graphic representation of your content. You can use an icon to tell your brand’s story as a form of digital language. Reusing icons with their associated content can also create a cohesiveness that users respond well too.

Having custom icons on your website will show you care and are willing to go that extra mile to make sure your voice is unique and heard. Custom icons will also communicate your message with more impact leaving a lasting impression. How fun.

Tip Numero Tres: Personal About Page

Even big companies could benefit from a face and personal story attached to its brand. Use your about page as an opportunity to tell your brand’s story, but yours as well. Why did you start this company? What is your mission statement? Why should someone buy from you?

A personable about page helps connect your brand on a human level. It can help differentiate you from your industry by becoming relatable, human, and authentic. Talk about your history, use a photo of yourself on the page. Don’t be afraid to talk about why your business or product will benefit your potential client.

Tip Cuatro Coyotes: Content Voice

This can be one of the harder aspects to change, but also benefit you the most. Content voice is the tone and character of your content. A headline on your contact page can simply say “Contact Us” or, you can be more human with “Hello, nice to meet you.” Every bit of text, no matter how insignificant you think it may be, is a gateway into your brand.

Approachable language can connect.

Really take a step back and ask yourself how you want your content to be communicated. Is your brand happy? Jovial? Somber? Flat? Are you always cracking subtle jokes in your content?

Tip Cinco De Mayo: Authenticity

The most important aspect of telling your brand story is authenticity. We are designers but can say that if having no graphics on your site is an authentic representation of your brand then we are for it. Expertly set typography and reliable content can totally rock. The point that we are making is that every decision you are making should be from the authentic heart of your brand. If only flat icon illustrations are appropriate to communicate your message, then do it. Don’t make decisions based on what others are doing, make decisions on what delivers your brand story with impact, clarity, and authenticity.

We really push the idea that it is essential for you to have a clear understanding of what your brand is before you can tell its story. Each of these five suggestions can also help you form that identity and story you want to say. Have fun with this process.

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