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Rivera Business Card Design - Horizontal Front and Back Design Layouts

Rivera Business Card Design Template

This business card design is for Adobe Illustrator 5+ and Adobe CC. This is a design template file, and not a mockup. Brand Ambassador A business card is not only a brand ambassador, but a chance to make a lasting first...
Fantastic Finds - Artboard Studio

Fantastic Finds – Artboard Studio

A good mockup can be freaking hard to find. We feel the pain. Guess what though, we have a fantastic find for you. Enter Artboard Studio This new mockup tool gives you the flexibility to make your own scene or...
Rotated Patterns - 17 Unique Shapes on Creative Market Now!

Rotated Patterns – 17 Unique Shapes on Creative Market Now!

17 Rotated Pattern Shapes is a collection of custom illustrated rotating pattern shapes. They are hand drawn and then vectorized with the utmost craftsmanship! These are super fun and creative shapes that will be super useful for you in creating...
Boom Letterpress Texture Pack - Tickyboom Design

Boom Letterpress Texture Pack

A Fun Letterpress Texture Pack We are excited to be releasing this new texture from a real letterpress machine. Come check it out, we are sure you will enjoy these for your personal use! Here is the official writeup: Boom...
Freebie: Lightweight Paper Texture Pack - Tickyboom Design

Freebie: Lightweight Paper Texture Pack

Want some lightweight paper vector textures, for free? Awesome, we got you a sample pack to tide you over. Pop your email in below, and then we will send you this fun freebie. Keep in mind, you may want to...
Lightweight Paper Vector Textures - Tickyboom Design

Lightweight Paper Textures

We are super excited to offer this vector texture bundle. We use these every time we need some texture love in our designs. So, we thought we should make this pack available to benefit you as well. Sharing is caring!...
Hemingway Business Card Template for Sketch + Illustrator

Hemingway Business Card Template for Sketch + Illustrator

Inspired by city life, hustle + bustle, and a modern feel. This beautiful business card design template comes in 4 different styles and is fully editable in Adobe Illustrator and Sketch. • Fully colored in version for a full impacting...
Austin Business Card Design Template - Tickyboom Design

Austin Business Card Design Template

A beautiful multipurpose business card, perfect for your next project and adding to your brand identity. Clean, modern, organic and fully customizable. Ideal for personal identity, professional branding, advertising, artists, launches, events, invites and more. Portrait option at 2” wide...