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Beaver Builder Vs. Elementor - Bells and Whistles

Beaver Builder Vs. Elementor - Bells and Whistles

Posted December 4, 2020
, by tickyboom
In this episode, we will be comparing two of the best page builders on the market. Beaver Builder in one corner. Elementor in the other. This episode is Round 1 and is going to be a barn burner or a mild sumo match. Either way, we are going to have some fun.
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A lot of times, we see the feedback that Elementor is bloated compared to Beaver Builder. We also see the feedback that Elementor has 'bells and whistles,' which is somehow bad? We want to dig into both the builders and break down the 'bells and whistles.' We also provide some pushback on the critique that Elementor 'is more bloated' and how we don't think it is at all. It's all about context. Perspective. And web hosting. And optimization. And if you use 28 pictures of your cat with each image weighing in at 5MB each.

Ok, let's GoGoGo!

Tools we used in this episode:

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