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Art Sesh With Astute Graphics Mirror Me

In this episode, we are getting down with Astute Graphics Mirror Me tool. We are doing a 30-mins art session and seeing how far we can get. It's gonna be fire!

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We created this artwork in Procreate, and now we have imported the layers into Illustrator to give it some vector love. What can we do in 30-mins? We will find out!

In Procreate, we used the Mid Century Brush Pack from Retrosupply. It's the bee's knees. We love it. Use it all the time—some of the warmest, freshest, and realistic looking brushes we have seen.

Line Art, Please

Once in Illustrator, we mimic the symmetrical grid we drew on with Astute Graphics Mirror Me plugin. Talk about having fun with vectors! Astute Graphics are like superhuman powers in Illustrator. I am sure we will be using some other tools as well.


We will be showing off the original artwork as a timelapse before we get started in Illustrator. Bonus, yay.

Ok, let's GoGoGo!

Tools we used in this episode:

Music Bumpin' In The Background:

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