Biologix Brand Identity + Web Design

Biologix Brand Identity + Web Design

Brand level up for this certification and education wizard.

Biologix Brand Identity + Web Design


Biologix needed a brand identity and a website design to help communicate its services and products. Unfortunately, Biologix’s look was outdated and did not reflect its core values.

A visual language is so dang important.

Biologix specializes in education certification for FAFSA and blood pathogens. So, think refinery workers and phlebotomists. But, Biologix has been around for a long time, and their website was a soup of information and a logo made in Microsoft Paint. No joke. So, we had our work cut out for us. We needed to communicate electronic learning that was accredited to multiple industries with different user personas.

Industry: Education, E-Commerce

The language rolls out to a consistent and bespoke experience.


We started with a basic brand strategy identifying user personas and industry research. This strategy helped set a foundation for the brand identity and website design. For the brand identity, we created a logo icon that communicated graduation and success, along with the digital aspect of the cursor being the tassel. The cursor tassel represented the digital learning aspect of Biologix and is easily a connection piece for users to understand immediately what Biologix was all about. Next, we did some essential Information Architecture for the website design to pair down and make the existing content more laser-focused. That helped us develop a web design that helped bring Biologix into the modern era, communicate their product, instill trust, and get people to buy Biologix’s classes and get accredited. Quick and easy.


We developed a logo, color palette, web design, iconography, and typography use, all bundled into a Brand Style Guide. We then delivered the style guide to the web developer to build the website, in which we helped QA. As a result, the client had seen a massive increase in sales (24M as of when I wrote this). Damn, I guess design does help businesses thrive.

The visual language ports over to the web seamlessly.
Custom Icons, all day everyday

Tools + Fun Bits

We used Co Typeface for the brand identity. Woo Commerce + Elementor for the website build. A digital style guide to house all of the brand identity assets.