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Can you make the logo bigger?

I have heard that a baby kitten loses its wings every time that feedback is given. Also, when that feedback is given, I've heard rumors that a designer will cringe so hard it looks like they bit into a lemon when they thought they were biting into anything sweet.

The featured image for this blog post. It will not contain cats.

It kind of sucks.

Here is a cool thing, like "Make It Pop!"– this feedback can be pretty revealing. Almost, dare I say, important. 

Based on my experience, I think this feedback is rooted in a few different things we all battle daily. 

Feedback Roots

It could be rooted in fear. Fear that no one will remember your logo because it doesn't fill 50% of the screen. Fear that no one will buy your product because that logo was 10px smaller than you think it should have been. Fear that your brand is not front and center. Fear that the 10k on a logo you just spent is not being put to good use.

It's ok. I am scared of useless sh!t too. Let me tell you my perspective as a designer trained to help your brand thrive (see that, I just inserted sales speak to qualify myself and make you want me more, I am neat.)

I want you to dig deeper before you give this feedback. I want you to trust that your designer has your best interest in mind. Trust them a little-lot. Your designer wants you to succeed. If not, fire them 👋🏽

Unless your logo looks like a speck, your designer has taken the time to perfectly balance your logo to the best of their abilities before they have submitted the design for you to approve. They have taken the time to carefully consider all the elements in the design and play within the hierarchy of importance YOU have defined. 

Maybe your logo is not as crucial as that headline or call to action. Gasp!

Resist The Urge

When you get the urge to ask for that perfectly balanced logo to be bigger, ask yourself, "Why am I asking for this logo to be increased in size? What am I hoping to accomplish by making this logo bigger?". 

Take a step back, close your eyes, re-orient yourself on the goals you are trying to accomplish with this design. Breathe. Open your eyes. Close your eyes. How is this design communicating your brand? Breathe. Open your eyes. Close your eyes. 

Does that logo REALLY need to be bigger? I bet nine times out of ten; the answer is no. 

This feedback is sometimes rooted in not knowing what is not working. You are not a designer and may not know how to articulate what is not working. I get that, and that is super valid. Again, take a step back. The logo is easy, low-hanging fruit. 

Maybe It's You?

Maybe your copy could be tightened up. It could be that your headline needs re-working. Perhaps you could reduce your content from six paragraphs to three—just a thought. Maybe you can say more with less.

Perhaps you have been told that the logo is everything for your brand, for your success. But it isn't. Everything is everything, not just one thing.

This feedback can also be rooted in ego. We all have an ego, and we must try to take a step back to find out who is driving our decision car. 

Is it ego, fear, maybe boredom, easy thinking?

Go through this checklist before you give in to the unbearable desire to make that logo bigger:

  1. What am I trying to accomplish with this design?
  2. How is this design accomplishing my business goals?
  3. How is this design accomplishing my brand goals?
  4. What could I improve in my content(copy) to help make this design more impactful?
  5. Can I say less but with more clarity and impact?
  6. How does my logo fit into this equation?
  7. Do I even need my logo on the design? Will it make that much of a difference?

The answer to number 6 is always yes, I need my logo, but maybe it isn't as important as you thought it was. And, that's ok. Some elements of your visual identity will need to take a back seat to accomplish YOUR goals. 

Trust Your Design!@#$

Embrace that. TRUST  YOUR  DESIGNER  - but most of all, trust that you won't fail. 

You will succeed in trying 100% of the time. Fear will not help you, but trust will. Clarity will come. We have to put in the reps. Fruits will be overflowing in time.

Taking a step back will give you a better perspective. That perspective may lead you to realize; the logo is great how it is. It wouldn't close the deal if it were 10px bigger and certainly won't lose the deal if it was 10px smaller. Bad, unclear content will lose a customer. 

So will countless other things you can re-tool, or have no control over.

No, the logo cannot be bigger; it looks fantastic just how it is.

Hope this post helps.

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