The official bomb logo for Tickyboom in all blue.
Hella Bomb, so Hella Hella that Bomb Unicorns Will fly in the air with smiles ok ok ok ok??

Design Noodles WIP Speed Art

In this speed art session, we create a bowl of design noodles from Procreate to Illustrator.

The featured image for this blog post. It will not contain cats.

Working in Procreate

The beautiful thing about Procreate, Pencil, and iPad Pro for working out ideas is endless possibilities. We can work with layers, erase, re-draw. Work in ways that we can't on paper. You can tell we worked on many ideas in this speed art before moving forward with one—no shame in working through motifs until you land home.

Working in Illustrator

We set up an illustrator file that contained a version of our web design. This illustration was going to be used on our homepage. So, we wanted to finalize the illustration and plop it in the design right away. Work smart, not hard—also, it's fun to work through refining our sketched ideas. We left out parts and made adjustments as we saw fit.

Music in the video

The music we listened to while sketching and finalizing was this one:

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