Getronics Web Design

Getronics Web Design

A hot web design for a European Digital Workplace giant!

Getronics Web Design


Stuart from Digital Elite hired us to develop a web design for Getronics. Getronics is a global company specializing in technologies like AI, Smart Office, and other solutions to help people work better. The design needed to be tech-forward, communicate Getronic's new brand and set them apart from the competition.

Mobile is and always will be a huge emphasis for quality.

One of the main challenges was working with their team in the beginning. Their Brand Manager was tough to work with (blog coming soon). The other huge challenge was the amount of content that Getronics had and how to pair that down and communicate with laser focus. Another challenge was that no one from the Getronics team knew what they wanted other than "High-End Tech," which is very subjective. But, challenges make you better if you can take them on positively.

Industry: Tech + SAAS

High end service, high end design


The first step was to get buy-in from Getronics. The way we were brought into the project was a little tricky, so we had an uphill battle. We started by learning everything we could about Getronics and then connected with the company that developed their new brand to understand Getronics's core principles. Next, we created a few homepage designs that ranged from experimental to corporate(semi-boring). The homepage exercise was to get buy-in from the Getronics team. We nailed it. After finalizing an overall look and feel, we created a 'kitchen sink design system' design to help modularize the website design. We would have 40 or 50 sections to play with and pull into each design scenario.

A kitchen sink design system to save the day.
Top notch mobile designs.


We created a main web design base and a kitchen sink design system built with Elementor after it was designed. We also made a typography scale for desktop down to mobile.

Tools + Fun Bits

We used Mark Pro Typeface for the design. Elementor was used to build the website, and we utilized Kitchen Sink Design System to help roll out the site consistently and arm Getronics with design pockets to re-use.