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In This Pandemic, Don't Let Shame Culture Get You

How to navigate these weird times and not feel shamed for doing the best for you, even if that is different than what people think you should do.

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During this weird time of being in a pandemic, I have heard and read on multiple occasions the following sentiment:

If you don't learn a new skill, launch a new thing, you have wasted this time.


Shame culture and hustle economics are married and assaulting you here. Let's take a deep breath, close your eyes. Let the emptiness sync in. Let the silence capture you for a moment.

Stay silent and eyes closed for a couple minutes.

Counter thought

Maybe you need some rest, a deeper connection with your family, more meditation time - or just some time to do nothing and catch your breath. Perhaps you need time to meet you and get acquainted with you. It's ok to be.

Shame culture would have you believe that you are not enough. You haven't done enough to justify your existence. You have misused your time because you didn't do a 'thing' or have something tangible to show for it. Shame culture would also push you to move faster than is healthy in the guise of keeping up with everyone else.

What does this have to do with your brand? I think a lot.

There is a lot of folks trying to keep up with the brands they adore. Doing things as these brands do, solely because they do them. These big brands – with large teams are crushing it. You may not be, and you think you are falling short. Self-shame enters the arena. Comparison syndrome. Hustle-core starts to activate in your brain. You aren't enough all of a sudden.

We struggle with this all the time. Each time we take a step back and try to re-orient ourselves. Sometimes that can take a few weeks. Longer than most. But we needed to take the time WE needed. We are different than others. So are you. Do you. You are enough. Your brand is enough. Your business is enough.

Also, you are learning. You are on a path. Shame is going to knock you off YOUR path. Don't 👏🏽 let 👏🏽 it.👏🏽

Maybe the better approach to this pandemic vacation is:

How can I use this time to make a better life with my family?

How can I love myself better?

How can I love others better?

Is a new skill important right now, or is getting in the habit of exercising more critical?

How do I make consistent space to sit in silence and ask questions and ponder that question?

Maybe the best approach is to be you, and if you didn't learn a new skill – all that means is that you didn't learn a new skill. If you don't know who YOU are, that might be the most rewarding 'skill' you can learn. To get closer to the real you, to let it out.

You Can Do This.

Don't let shame get to you. You are diverse, impressive, and capable of great things. We have that in common.

All of this was said with hopeful words as we are speaking this post to ourselves as well. We feel shame sometimes. We think we need to hustle more. You are not alone. And it's tough not to feel these things. It's shown to us on the daily.

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