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Music Fuels Us Illustration

Music fuels our creative juices. Always has, always will.

The featured image for this blog post. It will not contain cats.

When we need to get jamming we fire up Soundcloud or Spotify, or if we are sketching ideas in the main room – the record player starts spinning! It's not always music we can get creative to. We also love listening to a podcast and let that subconsciously seep in as we design. It's kinda funny how words guide us as well. Joe Rogan Podcast is everything to us.

Some artists in heavy rotation:


Hip Hop, Mos Def, Talib Kweli rip bars. So good!


House, Gritty, mash-uppy, essential!


Lush Electronica, guitars, beats, are you kidding me?

How we made this?

We started off by sketching a rough version in our Moleskin - inspired by the fact that once the beats start rolling, we get the pencil out and start sketching, letting the music work through our trusty lead-filled buddy. UI wireframes, posters, business cards, abstract, business cards, we let the pencil fly.

Then we hopped into Adobe Illustrator and set up our grid. We would then use the grid to provide boundaries and limitations for how we created the art. We find that by limiting ourselves it helps us be creative in finding solutions around the limitations. Of course, we turn off 'snap to grid' from time to time –in an attempt to help us break the rules when needed.

After we created this piece, we slapped on some textures we created from a pack that we sell on Creative Market

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