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Setting Good Web Type Sesh - Sans Serif to Serif

This episode dives into converting a one-page site from a sans-serif font to a serif font. This episode captures an excellent exercise covering a ton of design principles in setting type.

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Sans to Serif, what's the big deal?

It's a big deal, sometimes. Just switching typefaces, even if they are the same style, can yield re-set styles. Every typeface is different, even in minute details, making a world of difference in the bigger story your font is telling. Watch us first-hand make small adjustments to make our serif sing.

Line-height, size, and letter spacing

We tackle adjusting these divine attributes of our new friend Alegreya. The adjustments are small but make a world of difference!


We implement a CSS technique using 'clamp' to make our navigation type fluid for our header navigation. It's a simple yet powerful tool that you could use throughout your typesetting.

Tools we used

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