Brand Bites: Experience Is Your Magic

Brand Bites: Experience Is Your Magic - Tickyboom Design

A lot of times there is a great misconception that a logo is your brand. A lot of times we get hired to help develop a brand, and the conversation never goes beyond a logo, colors, or graphics. When we bring up experience, voice & future goals there is a disconnect. That is ok & one of the reasons we are writing this small post.

Why a brand is more than how you look

A brand is the culmination of an experience that someone has with your company & or product. A brand is the macro, while a logo is a micro. The logo will be integral in your branding, and initially help establish your brand if you have a strong mark. But, the true way your brand will elevate and level up – is from the experience someone has with you.

Bob: “Hey, did you meet Arnold yet?”
Mary: “No, I have a meeting with him tomorrow. I am super jazzed to meet with him. I love his logo and the type he uses for his website.”
Bob: “Well, I am going to tell you to not waste your time.”
Mary: “Why?!?”
Bob: “I met with him yesterday, and he really came off negative, and he put me down a couple times because I was unaware of something. I really did not like him and will not hire him.”

Arnold had a dope visual aesthetic, but an experience with him had a terrible effect on his overall brand. This is a pretty common scenario. Sometimes the opposite is true, when someone’s visual aesthetic is a little lacking, but the experience someone has with them is stellar. No one is making a decision about you on your visual look, but someone will make a decision from the overall experience they have with you.

A good experience will yield loyalty, good testimonials, repeat business & will make it easier to forgive you if there is a gaff. When you are trying to figure out your brand goals, and what kind of experience you want to provide, go easy on yourself. It is ok to mess things up, or not ‘get it right’ all the time. A brand evolves and grows, as it should since it is run by you.

Some Quick tips

Be real with who you are and what personality you want communicated with your brand.

Take a serving mentality – “What can I do to make my work benefit my client.”, “How can I make this persons day better.”. You can’t go wrong with wanting to make another persons life better, or empowering them.

A logo, typeface, color, and all that jazz will certainly help you form your brand, but don’t stop there. That is actually just the starting point. A brand should be an ever improving and empowering experience.

I hope some of these tips have helped. We are learning just like you, and can’t wait to see you succeed.

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