Brand Bites: Redesign or Tweak Your Website Design?

The importance of a website redesign. The importance of a website tweak. How to be excellent with your brand + website!

Thanks for taking the time to read this article on whether you should redesign your site or tweak your existing design. In this article, we will ask you a few questions, and help you think through this impacting decision. We will be focusing on how either decision will tell your story better, and how you will be creating more impact on your decision. This article also aims at either saving you money or feeling confident in spending some coin on a redesign / new website. Let’s boom!

What is a Website Redesign or Tweak?

Redesign: Can also be called new web design. A redesign is essentially taking what you have, scrapping it and designing something new.

Website Tweak: A website tweak is to take your current design, and make some improvements that will help the building line up with your vision and goals better.

Your Story and Goals

Over the years we have seen or been part of website re-designs or existing design tweaks. Making the right decision can be a huge plus for your goals and story. We have also seen the wrong decision made and additional time and money wasted. We don’t want that for you, so here are a couple questions to help you.

Where is your current website falling short?

With your current design, how is it falling short in telling a compelling story of your brand? How is your current web design falling short in the impact department? Unless your website is 5+ years old or the design is horrendous, you may be able to tweak your existing design to tell a better story and create impact. Maybe the artwork needs to be refreshed, but the layouts and current technologies are still serving you well.

Is a current design trend making you want to get a new web design?

Did you find a particular trendy website and now you are inspired to change your own site design? We think it is impressive you are out there looking at designs to give you inspiration. One thing to think about is how to not allow trends to dictate your decision. Trends come and go. Hero image carousels used to be all the rage, and for a while, they met some business needs. But after a while users, for the most part, felt entirely overwhelmed by image carousels and usually scrolled past them. The best design is the one that can tell your story with authenticity, impact, and conversion. Thinking outside of a trend is always best, as it will help you concentrate on what is most important:

Your story. Your brand. Your goals.

When a re-design is right!

Here are a couple good tell-tale signs when a re-design is right for you.

Your Technologies
Once upon a time, your website was new, shiny, and ahead of the curve with the framework and technologies behind it. How is the website holding up now? What kind of CMS is it running? Does your current framework support new web standards? For how much longer will your current build be sustainable? A harsh reality is that your website just may be too old. Some iPhones cannot be upgraded to the newest iOS. That in turn gradually causes the phone to be too slow, and ultimately unusable in the future. That’s the current state of tech. The good news is that newer technologies are aiming at giving you more longevity. If your website is super old, it’s time to upgrade that bad boy, and a perfect opportunity to give it a redesign.

Your Current Goals
Can your website be tweaked to achieve your current brand goals? Sometimes not. We recently did a web design project where the companies website was too old, cluttered and mostly beyond tweaking to accomplish their goals. They did an excellent job of maintaining their website for a long time, but ultimately it was to be scrapped and re-designed. Even with a redesign, you can keep some elements from the old design if it helps to tell your story with impact.

Use a redesign as an opportunity to find a designer you can team up with and form a relationship with. Being able to collaborate with your designer and have them as a resource in the future is very important. It will save you money and time in the future when doing tweaks or changes to have the same designer on the job. We try to maintain that relationship with all of our clients through maintenance plans as well.

What’s Next?

Some of the info above requires you to have some technical knowledge or know someone who does and can advise you. We think this may be a fantastic opportunity to find a resource that can help you assess your current design while also being a candidate to do the redesign or tweak. You can start the collaboration process early.

Finally, a redesign can help you communicate your story and vision with impact and authenticity. It can help you get current with technology and help you stay in step or exceed your peers. It is undoubtedly more costly compared to an existing design tweak. Sometimes a tweak is smarter in the long-run. A tweak may also help you save time and concentrate on what is most important; Executing your goals and business.

We hope the above information will help you make a wise and beneficial decision. You can do it!

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