Brand Identity Service

Your brand identity needs to navigate the wild west while staying honest and looking it's best. We strive to create brands that last and impress.

– Logo Wordmarks
– Logo Mascots
– Complex Logo Lockups
– Shirts, Hats, Merchandise
– Promo Materials
– Brochures, Collateral
– Social Media
– Other projects to create impact with your brand!


Brand Identity Process

Part of developing a successful brand is by asking a ton of questions. We put you through it, and really make sure you know your vision and goals so we can fulfill them.

With logo work we will create at maximum 4 – 5 concepts to choose from. Then we will refine and finalize. The same process works for most any other brand identity work.

With our logos we create multiple versions for social media, digital, and print in high def. We also create a brand styleguide to help you implement with success. 

Justin McRoberts
Author & Musician

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I’ve worked with a number of designers in my nearly two decades as a creative. The flexibility, energy and skill Tickyboom brings to their work is a rare combination of gifts. Highly recommended.

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