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Better, Faster, Stronger

Better, Faster, Stronger

Posted September 19, 2018
, by tickyboom
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This companion episode takes the work we did in episode 10, and makes it better, faster, and ultimately stronger.

After releasing Episode 10, a user by the name of Zack Pyle pointed out a workaround or hacking of Beaver Builder that allows you to stack columns on top of each other while being able to style them independently.

This video is a product of part of why we post these - to engage with the community and discover better ways to build together!

What we will learn

In this episode, we will learn how to manipulate Beaver Builder to have a two column row, with two columns vertically stacked on each other. We will reposition the columns so that we can style them independently. Spicy and awesome!

Tools We used

Contains affiliate links that will make me rich beyond my dreams, and give you a nice discount.

As always, we hope this video inspires you to build spicy, and not be afraid to get in there and cause some ruckus with CSS.

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