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Complex Cards Homepage Design

Complex Cards Homepage Design

Posted September 24, 2018
, by tickyboom
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This amazing episode is chaulked full of web design techniques as we attempt to build a complex card homepage design. Episode 11 is a doozy.

While this episode is a time investment, it will pay off as you will hopefully be inspired and learn tons of excellent techniques.

As usual, you will see me bumble around in a couple of spots, but I think that is where the gems of learning happen, for both you and me.

Here is what you will learn

How to create a card based design while using only stock Beaver Builder Modules. We will also be doing a bunch of small techniques to get things looking nice and tight. Want to learn how to position an image in the corner of a card, while bringing the content above the image? We show that as well.

Next week we will be animating these cards, so that will be fun!

Tools used

As usual, we hope this episode inspires you and helps you along the way. Keep it design spicy friends!

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