CIBDWBB? Episode 3: Two Columns & A Microphone

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Episode #3

In episode three we are tackling an excellent modern design which is fun and beautiful to look at. This design is two columns, one of which has a design that changes with a toggle, also overlapping buttons, one of which is a gradient fill. We got drop shadows that change on button hover. We got a gradient button. Oh, my! Can It Be Done With Beaver Builder?

Here is what we will be learning from this video:

  • Utilizing Beaver Builder Templates used with a toggle(By UABB)
  • Overlapping buttons
  • Drop shadow use and manipulation on hover
  • Button Design (Gradient, Drop shadow)
  • Using percentages in our margins

As usual, we hope this video inspires you to build some spicy layouts, and not be afraid of getting in there and making complex layouts!

Tools Used:

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