CIBDWBB – Episode 5 – Oxygen Homepage + Navigation

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Welcome to Episode 5 of ‘Can It Be Done With Beaver Builder?’

We are excited with this episode as we are showing how to get spicy with our navigation, CSS image manipulation, and suave color fades on mouse movement.

What are we attempting to build?

We are rebuilding as much of Oxygen Page Builder’s homepage. We are getting extra spicy and setting a timer to 20 minutes and seeing how much we can build at that time limit! Fun!

Here is what we will learn:

  • How to work fast, and refine the design as we go.
  • Manipulating an image with CSS perspective, and X-Axis rotation.
  • Creating super suave color fades to a full-screen background that is activated by mouse movement.
  • Creating a spicy modern navigation
  • Converting a menu item to a button design

Can It Be Done With Beaver Builder? Watch to find out! Enjoy, and we hope this inspires and educates you to build spicy!

Tools we used in this episode:

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