Creating Color Palettes – Pura Vida Costa Rica

What we wrote about:

We will be sharing our process for creating a color palette from a photo, along with contrast and legibility testing. 

Creating Color Palettes Pura Vida Costa Rica
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Sometimes you attempt to make a color palette, or match colors and it looks like fail soup. Don’t fret, we made this tutorial to help you have some fun and hopefully inspire you to create awesome color palettes.

Here is what we will learn together:

  • How to use SIP Color App – Get Sip here:
  • How to extract colors from a photo for inspiration
  • How to create shades, tints, hues from base color choices
  • How to test your color palette’s legibility and contrast while having a little fun
  • How to just let yourself play with your color choices and make real-world decisions in finalizing your palette.

Download this template to use in your color journey (PDF + Adobe Illustrator): Here!

We hope this process styled tutorial gives you inspiration, and you picked up a few tips or tricks. Enjoy being a colorful colorteer!

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