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Explore More With Modern Navigation

Explore More With Modern Navigation

Posted August 1, 2018
, by tickyboom
Welcome to episode 4 of 'Can It Be Done With Beaver Builder?'. In this episode, we will be exploring two navigation designs that we will see if we can build with Beaver Builder.
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What We Will Learn

  • How to create a super menu within a modal to free up navigation space.
  • How to mimic a popular Themeforest Theme navigation design with Beaver Builder.
  • How to think simply, and serve up smooth navigation to your users.

First Design Excercise

The first exercise is from, and it involves creating a 'Explore More' navigation with a super menu sliding in. This is a great way to create space, while still serving up all the essential bits of info to your user.

Second Design Excercise

The next exercise is building the navigation from a Themeforest theme 'Stockholm.' Can Beaver Builder build a Themeforest theme navigation? Watch to find out!

Tools Used

Additional Resources:

Funny Notes

I ended up redoing my 'Explore More' super menu after the video. As I was doing the video, I felt it was too bland and could be designed better. Yay!

Another funny note is that I did the 'headwhip' of when you think you have a problem solved only to see on refresh it is not. That usually happens when you move too fast and miss the little things. This is basically #designlife 

Finally, the bill of my hat was green, so yea...

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