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Awesome Email Signatures Easy, and Free

Awesome Email Signatures Easy, and Free

Posted November 19, 2020
, by tickyboom
A well-designed email signature is pretty boss. It helps you establish another connection point to your brand and provides a quick way to contact you outside of email. That's legit and powerful.
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You Can Do It

There are resources out there to create your email signature like Hubspot. Something like Hubspot can give you something very cool for free, but can also be limiting. The paid solutions out there are expensive and clunky to use, at least from our experience.

So, how can we make an email signature the way we want, do it for free, and have the power to modify it at a deeper level?

Well, that's where this video comes in. We will show you how we make our email signatures in a Google Doc and the tools we use to make cool avatar images or modify the code if need be. Then, we will take that email signature and put it in our email client and fine-tune things. The power of doing this in a Google Doc is that you have full control, can come back to it quickly, and make unlimited changes or versions to choose from.


GoGoGo - Episode 05 - Awesome Email Signatures For Free

Tools we used in this episode:

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