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Good Brands Will Be Messy

Good Brands Will Be Messy

Posted April 9, 2020
, by tickyboom
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If we are going to talk about 'human brands,' then we need to address the humanity of them.
🦁 Sections

Humans grow, evolve, pivot, get stale, try things, have moods, & are messy.

🔥 Authenticity

A truly authentic human brand - that will cause impact - will be all of these things and sometimes more. Don't get mad at the messiness. Learn to be in it, analyze it, extract gold from it, learn, and move forward.

Make a better brand by allowing humanity and all of the messiness that comes with it be your friend.

It'll Be Fine

🎆 Messing Up

Also, it's ok if you mess up. You WILL mess up. Did you flub that tweet? Why did you flub it? Do you have a blindspot? Learn from it. Let that flub make you a better brand, and dare I say a better human.

Perfection is not something to strive for. Perfection drives us to the depths of cleanliness, sterility, and in-authenticity. IMHO. Authenticity and enriching others' lives are what we should be pursuing with our brand.

Who cares if you are perfect if I don't feel you. I'd let the messiness slide if I smiled while interacting with your brand.

Don't let your messiness shift you into panic mode, risking you diving into fear. Love your messiness. Learn. Be authentic. Really, awesomely- humanly authentic. We need more of you beautiful messy humans running a brand that reflects that.

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