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Art Sesh With Astute Graphics Mirror Me

Art Sesh With Astute Graphics Mirror Me

The icon that represents Brand Identity work for this portfolio piece. It's basically a pencil.The icon that represents Illustration work for this portfolio piece. It's basically a pen tool or a fountain pen.The icon that represents Illustration work for this portfolio piece. It's basically a pen tool or a fountain pen.
The first portfolio image for this portfolio piece.
Second Image for this wonderful portfolio piece!The third portfolio image for this portfolio piece.


We created this artwork in Procreate, and now we have imported the layers into Illustrator to give it some vector love. What can we do in 30-mins? We will find out!

In Procreate, we used the Mid Century Brush Pack from Retrosupply. It's the bee's knees. We love it. Use it all the time—some of the warmest, freshest, and realistic looking brushes we have seen.

Line Art, Please

Once in Illustrator, we mimic the symmetrical grid we drew on with Astute Graphics Mirror Me plugin. Talk about having fun with vectors! Astute Graphics are like superhuman powers in Illustrator. I am sure we will be using some other tools as well.


We will be showing off the original artwork as a timelapse before we get started in Illustrator. Bonus, yay.

Ok, let's GoGoGo!

Tools we used in this episode:

Music Bumpin' In The Background:

ANHEDONIA [ Future Garage - Ambient Mix ]

While we were making this we listened to this dope Dub Techno Mix:

Listen here:

Tools we used

Thanks for watching!

While we were making this we listened to this dope beat tape:

Emune - 1993 [Full BeatTape]

We used Astute Graphics tools in this video as well ↗


The project was challenging and so very fun. This Y speed art is our process from digitally drawing this yellowjacket to then bringing that drawing into Adobe Illustrator to finalize it. The final product is an illustrated and finalized 'Y.'

Enjoy the ride!

The music we are listening to while we made this:

The tools we used in this video:

Procreate for drawing and coloring.
Adobe Illustrator for the final artwork.
Astute Graphics Illustrator plugins for added tools and incredible manipulation of those vector points.

When we need to get jamming we fire up Soundcloud or Spotify, or if we are sketching ideas in the main room – the record player starts spinning! It's not always music we can get creative to. We also love listening to a podcast and let that subconsciously seep in as we design. It's kinda funny how words guide us as well. Joe Rogan Podcast is everything to us.

🎧️ Some artists in heavy rotation:


Hip Hop, Mos Def, Talib Kweli rip bars. So good!

Mos Def -1998 -Mos Def & Talib Kweli - Astronomy (8th Light)


House, Gritty, mash-uppy, essential!

Claptone: ...Even More Claptone Remixes | Livestream


Lush Electronica, guitars, beats, are you kidding me?

Tycho - Dive (Full Album)

✏️ How we made this?

We started off by sketching a rough version in our Moleskin - inspired by the fact that once the beats start rolling, we get the pencil out and start sketching, letting the music work through our trusty lead-filled buddy. UI wireframes, posters, business cards, abstract, business cards, we let the pencil fly.

Then we hopped into Adobe Illustrator and set up our grid. We would then use the grid to provide boundaries and limitations for how we created the art. We find that by limiting ourselves it helps us be creative in finding solutions around the limitations. Of course, we turn off 'snap to grid' from time to time –in an attempt to help us break the rules when needed.

Featured Image For Music Fuels Us Illustration
The finished piece

After we created this piece, we slapped on some textures we created from a pack that we sell on Creative Market:

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Powered by Creative Market

After the textures, a couple of hours, and some coffee – We are happy with our little journal entry illustration. We hope you enjoyed our little story. Peeeaaaccee!

⭐️ The Needs

Jason and Kat hired us to create a custom wedding invitation design for their wedding. They wanted to tell a rich story of their life together and personalities with the design. 

👉️ The Challenges

The only huge challenge with this project was to find a high-quality letterpress that was affordable, and local. We have usually used Dependable Letterpress in San Francisco, but they were a little out of budget. After much research, we found a printer in Concord called Red Dog. They were super awesome and did an incredible job. 

💣️ Our Approach + Solutions

We really got to know Jason and Kat to learn about their lives together, We found out that they loved traveling have lived in some really amazing cities. We decided to tell that story with a custom illustrated invitation front. We illustrated the three major cities that Jason and Kat have lived together, marking rich adventures together. For the RSVP and main info card, we mimicked a muni ticket and expanded upon travel in S.F. as that was Jason and Kat’s Save The Date. A nice tie-in! We had the front of the Invitation letterpress and set upon a custom thick paper color to add an element of depth. Jason and Kat were beyond happy, and so were we.

👉️ The Needs

Tyler at Attribytes hired us to develop and evolve Attribytes’ brand. He was the brand manager at Attribytes and knew what he wanted to evolve his brand to. We were excited to be working with Tyler and Attribytes.

⚒️ The Challenges

One of the challenges is that Attribytes has so many products that were very technical in explanations. The challenge was how do you communicate better and look beautiful while you do that? Another challenge was to look contemporary but not trendy and have this new look not become a dead trend within a year or less.

✏️ Our Approach + Solutions

We worked closely with Tyler to understand Attribytes brand, its principles, and what its promise was. We even got a walkthrough on using the app that is their main product that houses all of their services. By learning all about the intricacies of what Attrbytes does and see what it’s customers use, helped inform our design decisions. We used a web design to develop a set of icons, textures, and expand the existing color palette. We also used a web design to help flesh out simpler language and consolidating content down to digestible chunks. We also worked on an intro sequence for their mobile app using their new design language and illustrations. We had a lot of fun!

💣️ The Deliverables

We custom-designed and built with Elementor a brand style guide in the Attribytes website to house the following assets: color palette, typography palette, textures, iconography, illustrations, and web designs.

🙏🏻 The Needs

Josh at Renew King hired us to take his brand to another level. He runs a service that helps insurance companies with retaining customer relationships and get Google Reviews along with other marketing tasks. His current website was not communicating clearly what they do along with looking outdated and mish-mashy.

👉️ The Challenges

One challenge was to understand fully what Renew King offered service-wise, and how to communicate that with design and illustration. Another challenge was that Josh needed to use a lot of the assets we developed for Canva and his marketing efforts. We needed to think about our designs being easily exportable and importable. 

✏️ Our Approach + Solutions

As we do with all of our projects, we got to know our client and their core principles. We really pushed ourselves to understand the product and tap into what its superpower was. We developed illustrations to quickly communicate the power of Renew King and all of the tasks it helps business with and Renew King’s positive impact on businesses. We then developed a contemporary web design that was unique to others in his industry. The web design focused on pockets of information making the user look at chunks of information and take it in easier. Finally, we re-worked Renew King’s logo to be a touch more modern, cleaned up, and ready to rock in this modern era. We choose a font from Future Fonts to be whimsical corporate in personality. 

💣️ The Deliverables

For all of the textures, icons, illustrations, and brand elements we made them easily importable to Canva. We modernized Renew Kings logo and developed a color palette. We wrapped all of these assets into our custom Brand Styleguide.

I had a FANTASTIC experience working with Tickyboom. From our first call to discuss my web design to the delivered product, I was impressed. They communicate well, have solid processes, and use software that makes it easy to track everything on the project. 

Aside from my experience working with them, they are also just really good at what they do. I can’t wait to do my next project with Tickyboom!

Josh, CEO @Renew King

👉️ The Needs

Biologix needed a brand identity along with a website design to help communicate its services and products. Biologix’s look was incredibly outdated and did not reflect their core values. 

⭐️ The Challenges

Biologix specialized in education certification for FAFSA and blood pathogens. So, think refinery workers and phlebotomists. Biologix has been around for a long time, and their website was a soup of information and a logo made in Microsoft Paint. No joke. So, we had our work cut out for us. We needed to communicate electronic learning, that was accredited to multiple industries with different user personas. 

✏️ Our Approach + Solutions

We started with a basic brand strategy that identified user personas along with industry research. This strategy helped set a foundation for the brand identity and website design. For the brand identity, we came up with a logo icon that communicated graduation and success, along with the digital aspect of the cursor being the tassel. The cursor tassel represented the digital learning aspect of Biologix and is easily a connection piece for users to understand immediately what Biologix was all about. For the website design, we did some essential Information Architecture to pair down and really make the existing content more laser-focused. That helped us develop a web design that helped bring Biologix into the modern era, communicate their product, instill trust, and get people to buy Biologix’s classes and get accredited. Quick and easy.

💣️ The Deliverables

We developed a logo, color palette, web design, iconography, and typography use all bundled into a Brand Style Guide. We then delivered the style guide to the web developer to build the website, in which we helped QA. The client has seen a massive increase in sales, and so far as I am writing this, has done 24M in sales. Damn, I guess design does help businesses thrive.

💫 The Needs

Vin from Fixel hired us to come up with a unique web design for Voyage Young Adult Literature. He wanted something that would accommodate a lot of content, be incredibly legible while also communicating Voyage’s core principles.

👉️ The Challenges

One of the challenges was to accommodate all of the different content scenarios and to make sure we have a beautiful design that facilitates awesome long-form reading experiences.

✏️ Our Approach + Solutions

We learned a lot about what Voyage was about and their brand thus far. We tapped into an ‘open seas’ motif visually. We created a very cool wave pattern with a dark & murky color palette. The logo was developed with a gradient use, and we took that element adding it to the CTA buttons. That created a really vibrant, heavy, and contrasting look. It was popping! For the typography, we chose a Serif for the headlines and a sans-serif for reading as we found that combo to read exceptionally well and provide enough character to keep things interesting.

🎉 The Deliverables

We designed the pages for desktop and mobile, then built the website using Elementor Pro. We developed a color palette and exported out graphics for Voyage to use in their collateral.

Dosktop Walkthrough
Mobile Walkthrough
The fourth portfolio image for this portfolio piece.The fifth portfolio image for this portfolio piece.
The sixth portfolio image for this portfolio piece.