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Intro To Animating SVG's - Animating With @keyframes CSS

Intro To Animating SVG's - Animating With @keyframes CSS

Posted October 5, 2018
, by tickyboom
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Animation on the web is the bees-knees. It can help you tell a story, or create some whimsy. An animation will add to the overall experience on your website.

We have created this three-part video series to help you get started with animation on the web with SVG's you create.

Let's get to animating with @keyframes CSS

This third video will show you how to animate our clean and spicy SVG with @keyframes for CSS. This is meant to intro you to the world of CSS animation. This world is deep and awesome. Use this video tutorial as a way to get your feet wet. Then, dive right in once you get comfortable!


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