Learn How To Design An Amazing Email Signature For Free

How to design and maintain an awesome email signature for free using Google Docs!

A well-designed email signature is a hidden gem for a brand. That lead generating colophon can be a powerful tool if you can just tame it. This tutorial will show you how to create a fantastic email signature design for free! All you need is Google Docs and some free time.

Part 1: Options + Breakdown

We will be using the Hubspot Email Signature Generator as a benchmark for our own design. We will breakdown why it is better to make an email signature on your own. TLDR: You want to control, control, control!

Part 2: Design and Implement

We will teach you how to use Google Docs and design your own email signature. Tables, fonts, images. All of it. We will also share our process to find quick assets using Iconfinder and how to build your own asset library in Google Drive. Then we will show you how to copy and paste the new design into your own email program. Easy!

Part 3: Bonus Image Plugin

We will show you how to use a free plugin for Google Docs called SetImageSize and have complete control over your image sizes. Amazing!

Tools We Used:

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