Lightweight Paper Textures

What we wrote about:

How tiff’s and pngs can rule textures. How to use Adobe Illustrator to import bitmap textures and have vector goodness.

We are super excited to offer this vector texture bundle.

We use these every time we need some texture love in our designs. So, we thought we should make this pack available to benefit you as well. Sharing is caring!

What is this even?

  • This is a high-resolution, print-ready texture pack to end all texture packs.
  • This is a vector / TIFF format which means no crashing, and lightweight.
  • Since these are lightweight, you can stack away!
  • Easily importable and re-colorable.
  • This bundle is from super high-resolution scans of paper that we thought was fun and exciting to use for our designs.
  • This pack contains pngs and AI files as well. DOPE!
  • Some of the papers have mustaches, bikes, and awesome patterns. Noise and grunge up the wazoo.

Lightweight Paper Textures 1

Lightweight Paper Textures 2

What can I use this for?

  • Anything, and everything
  • Perfect for infusing some real organic paper textures in your designs.
  • We have used these for flyers, website backgrounds, logos, and illustrations.
  • Fun things, brooding things, awesome things.

Lightweight Paper Textures 3

What do I get?

  • 44 tasty textures
  • TIFF files that are print ready, large size, and lightweight
  • PNG files for Photoshop mastery
  • AI files that will rip your computer apart, but give you some rawness to modify further. Our gift to you.
  • Directions on how to use, and a video as well:

Lightweight Paper Textures 4

Lightweight Paper Textures 5

Why should I get this bundle?

Why not? These are super awesome, super organic, and if you love paper than you kind of have to get these. We are giving you the paper bin. Plus, we stand by what we use in our own work. Let our magic bullet be yours.

We hope you enjoy this pack and it makes your work skyrocket like it did for us!

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