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A logo is the graphic representation of your company, brand, ethos & personality. We love developing logos because, for us, it is a life-giving work. It is thrilling to give your business or personal brand a visual identity.

What We Offer

These are a couple different style examples of a logo that you could consider for your brand. There are always hybrids or outliers than the short list below provides, but these are common ones we develop.

Mark + Name:
Usually, this is a logo that contains a logo mark or icon accompanied by the name of the company inexpertly set type. This is one of the most common logotypes. The advantage of this is that you can easily pull out the icon and use it in places like social media to help your audience recognize your brand. The only disadvantage is that sometimes pulling out just the type is not as strong as pulling out the icon, and sometimes clients are hesitant to use just an icon. We think that with anything in life, creating patterns of consistency while building your brand is paramount to success.

Logotype or Wordmark:
This type of logo is just type and no logo mark independent of the type. This is superb for shorter named companies. This type of logo usually has custom made type with character. A strategy for social media avatar use is to pull out the first letter of the name, or a combo of letters and use that as your ‘mark’ or ‘icon’. The advantage of this type of logo is that you can really show off your character with typography. A disadvantage is that you could lose some brand recognizability if your pull out icon is weak.

Mascot Style:
Think MailChimp. This is a logo that is super heavy on the use of a mascot. Sometimes a whole design system will be built around a mascot creation. This can be super amazing for building quick brand recognition if the mascot style resonates with your audience, and is memorable. A mascot style can be very involved, and sometimes may cost more as much more effort and time is needed to really nail this style. This is more of a high risk and high rewards, but you only live once.

What We Deliver

We put a lot of work into our logo development. Here is what we commonly deliver to you, and the thinking behind it.

We create a style guide for you to reference on how to use your logo, the color palette to use for your brand, the typeface used and where to purchase it (if a bespoke development was not used) along with some do’s and dont’s for using your logo. This is a printable document that will be very valuable to you as you start to populate your emerging visual brand to the public.

Logo Assets:
When we develop a logo for you, we also develop different orientations and use cases. This will be invaluable to you in making sure your logo is kicking butt no matter where it is. A few examples of what you will get is a logo in vertical, horizontal, full color, one color, one color on black, two color on black, icon alone, social media sizes(generic). We also export the logos in vector, print, HD, and web/digital ready formats. Basically, we try our hardest to get you a kit that will help you conquer the digital and print world.

Online Delivery:
We will deliver your full logo kit to you online, and in a password protected area that only you have access to, broken out into the different asset types for ease of organization.

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