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Lottie Animations: Animating and Elementor

Lottie Animations: Animating and Elementor

Posted January 13, 2021
, by tickyboom
Lottie files can add whimsy and smiles on the web. This episode will go through animating our prepped Lottie file and implementing it into our website using Elementor. I am beyond excited. 
🦁 Sections

After Effects

We will take our vector file from Adobe Illustrator and start animating in Adobe After Effects. This process will be enjoyable and exciting to see what possibilities you can unlock with your animations.

Export and get your Bodymovin

After we animate our sweet vector file, we will export out the file using an add-on called Bodymovin ↓ - It's really easy to use and spits out a low sized .json file.

Elementor + Lottie

We will briefly go into implementing the Lottie file in Elementor. This will be a brief look at how easy it is to put Lottie files to work for your website.

Ok, let's GoGoGo!

Tools we used in this episode:

Music Bumpin' In The Background:

NIGHT 3 | Phonk and Trap Mix

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