our process

How We Do It.


To start off our project, we will get to know you, your needs, & goals. We do that through a discovery call, questionnaire, and asking a lot of questions. It is super important to us and the integrity of the project that we get a clear scope fleshed out, so we can design with confidence. This stage will also help you greatly as well. Clarity equals trust. Trust equals success.


With a clear scope in hand, we get to designing. Depending on the service, we will handle deliverables different. But, what remains the same is we set a schedule to help you know what milestones to expect. We then go into our design lab and get to work. This stage is incredibly fun. Bringing all those answered questions to life.


The design is finalized. You are jazzed. We are stoked. Now its time to give you your design in a format you can use, browse, print, smile to. We usually use Dropbox and it’s many incredible platforms to deliver your final deliverables. If it’s a website, we transfer it to your host. Our philosophy is… keep it simple. We strive for that in delivering your design for it’s intended use.