fliptheu Logo Design

A logo identity for an art blog. Character filled and memorable. Bold and modern. A fun take on personality and memorability.

We took the approach of a character filled logo design for fliptheu. We wanted this art blog to really stand out and make a visitor smile. The logo design itself is very minimal allowing it to flourish in many digital situations.
fliptheu Logo Design by Tickyboom Design
fliptheu Logo Design by Tickyboom Design

fliptheu is an art blog that is run by Tim. We needed to come up with a logo that communicates two distinct things: the ethos of the blog and the name which is funny.

The logo speaks to the ‘U’ in the last name Preut. The U is always flipped in position with the ‘E’. So, the logo is emphasizing that along with a smile at the constant misspelling.

fliptheu Logo Design by Tickyboom Design
Tim Preut @ Tickyboom

This is a logo design for Tim’s brand: fliptheu. He is supes happy!

Tim Preut – Blog Owner