Brand Identity - @Sea Podcast Logo - Bay Area
October 23, 2017
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@Sea Podcast Logo Design

@Sea Podcast is a stellar podcast featuring influential and bright thinkers in an interview format. Justin McRoberts runs this podcast and hired us to evolve the podcasts current logo. We had fun diving into the brand of @Sea and learning about Justin’s vision and goals with the podcast.

We are very happy with this bold, clean + modern look that establishes @Sea Podcast in the modern era. We also like how there is now a pronounced color palette and an icon that can be scaled big or small for a visual brand identifier.

Brand Identity - @Sea Podcast Logo - Bay Area
Bay Area Website & Logo Design

Super thoughtful, great work! This is a great evolution of the @Sea Podcast Logo.

Justin McRoberts, Founder of the @Sea Podcast

Illustration Design - Tickyboom - Concord, CA

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