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Hope Academy

Hope Academy

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Website Design, Brand Strategy
Specialized Education
Gibson Typeface, Covik Mono, Elementor Pro
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🖥️ The Needs

Hope Academy is a school for kids with Dyslexia located in Concord, CA. They hired us to help communicate what they do to prospective parents through their website. We also did some basic brand strategy and positioning for them as well, as they felt a little lost on how to connect with their audience in a meaningful way. 

🙅🏽 The Challenges

There were a couple of challenges in this project. One was learning all there was about Dyslexia. We always try to learn as much as we can about the industry we are working in. Learning about Dyslexia provided challenges in trying to ingest factual and helpful information. We even contemplated using a ‘Dyslexic’ typeface until we realized, they are sort of useless and don’t have much data backing that they are effective. Another challenge was learning how to communicate and position Hope Academy’s goals and offerings.

🙏🏻 Our Approach + Solutions

We started the project off by doing a discovery session and learning about Hope Academy’s goals, offerings, and approach. This helped us make strategic branding decisions on how to position and visually communicate Hope Academy on their website. Part of our discovery sessions led to helping shorten their URL, develop a plan to offer a resource center to help educate parents, and general cleaning up of their content to make it more concise and impactful. Our design approach was to have a modern, gridded feel that would help create definable sections of information. We wanted to make sure to break up the content into blocks to help potential parents with Dyslexia not get overwhelmed while learning about Hope Academy. We also chose typefaces that were not too heavy on character and were incredibly legible. Another design decision we made was to go on the warmer end of the color palette along with utilizing textures to really connect on a human level with Hope Academy’s audience in a positive way. We utilized Invision to prototype a website design to make sure we were hitting the mark in real-world applications.

☕️ The Deliverables

We developed a fully responsive website design, improved color palette, and strategy to help Hope Academy be the best and most positive force online that it can possibly be. So far, they are at full enrollment through the next couple of years. That is neat! We used Elementor Pro to build the site along with Gibson typeface by Canada Type, and Covik Mono from Oh No Typeface. What a fun project.

Hope Academy Desktop Design Review
Hope Academy Mobile Design Review

🙏🏻 The Needs

Stuart from Digital Elite hired us to come up with a web design for Getronics. Getronics is a global company that specializes in technologies like AI, Smart Office, and other solutions to help people work better. The design needed to be tech-forward, communicate Getronic’s new brand and set them apart from the competition.

☕️ The Challenges

One of the main challenges was working with their team in the beginning. Their Brand Manager was incredibly difficult to work with (blog coming soon). The other huge challenge was the amount of content that Getronics had, and how to pair that down and communicate with laser focus. Another challenge was that no one from the Getronics team knew what they wanted other than “High-End Tech”, which is very subjective. But, challenges are what make you better if you can take them on positively.

😃 Our Approach + Solutions

The first step was to get buy-in from Getronics. The way we were brought into the project was a little tough, so we had an uphill battle. We started off by learning everything we could about Getronics, and then connect with the company that developed their new brand to understand Getronics core principles. We developed a few homepage designs that ranged from experimental to corporate(semi-boring). The homepage exercise was to get buy-in from the Getronics team. We nailed it. After finalizing an overall look and feel, we then created a ‘kitchen sink design system’ design to help modularize the website design. Meaning, we could have 40 or 50 sections to play with and pull into each design scenario. 

💣️ The Deliverables

We created a main web design base, a kitchen sink design system that was built with Elementor after it was designed. We also created a typography scale for desktop down to mobile.

🙏🏻 The Needs

Team Bubbly hired us to implement a design and to come up with animations to spice up the website. I put this in our portfolio as the site came out fantastic and the animations were super challenging and fun. We were also hired to be design consultants for aspects that were not covered in the original design.

🎒The Challenges

One of the major challenges was that Team Bubbly will have heavy assets to show in their portfolio. This greatly affects load time. We had to come up with a strategy to serve up heavy assets while having the website load in a reasonable timeline.

🎨 Our Approach + Solutions

We first came up with animations that might be very cool and got approval from Team Bubbly. The idea was to come up with areas on the site where a user would hover over an element and bubbles would animate from the hover. This would only apply to the desktop breakpoint but makes for a very unique experience. We broke the animations into chunks around the elements on the site to have them scale easily. We also came up with videos starting to play in the background on hover and not loading the asset until hover. Super fun!

💣️ The Deliverables

We used Elementor to build the site, and After Effects to develop the animations as Lottie Files.

Bubble Animations
Hover to video animations

👉️ The Needs

Tyler at Attribytes hired us to develop and evolve Attribytes’ brand. He was the brand manager at Attribytes and knew what he wanted to evolve his brand to. We were excited to be working with Tyler and Attribytes.

⚒️ The Challenges

One of the challenges is that Attribytes has so many products that were very technical in explanations. The challenge was how do you communicate better and look beautiful while you do that? Another challenge was to look contemporary but not trendy and have this new look not become a dead trend within a year or less.

✏️ Our Approach + Solutions

We worked closely with Tyler to understand Attribytes brand, its principles, and what its promise was. We even got a walkthrough on using the app that is their main product that houses all of their services. By learning all about the intricacies of what Attrbytes does and see what it’s customers use, helped inform our design decisions. We used a web design to develop a set of icons, textures, and expand the existing color palette. We also used a web design to help flesh out simpler language and consolidating content down to digestible chunks. We also worked on an intro sequence for their mobile app using their new design language and illustrations. We had a lot of fun!

💣️ The Deliverables

We custom-designed and built with Elementor a brand style guide in the Attribytes website to house the following assets: color palette, typography palette, textures, iconography, illustrations, and web designs.

🙏🏻 The Needs

Josh at Renew King hired us to take his brand to another level. He runs a service that helps insurance companies with retaining customer relationships and get Google Reviews along with other marketing tasks. His current website was not communicating clearly what they do along with looking outdated and mish-mashy.

👉️ The Challenges

One challenge was to understand fully what Renew King offered service-wise, and how to communicate that with design and illustration. Another challenge was that Josh needed to use a lot of the assets we developed for Canva and his marketing efforts. We needed to think about our designs being easily exportable and importable. 

✏️ Our Approach + Solutions

As we do with all of our projects, we got to know our client and their core principles. We really pushed ourselves to understand the product and tap into what its superpower was. We developed illustrations to quickly communicate the power of Renew King and all of the tasks it helps business with and Renew King’s positive impact on businesses. We then developed a contemporary web design that was unique to others in his industry. The web design focused on pockets of information making the user look at chunks of information and take it in easier. Finally, we re-worked Renew King’s logo to be a touch more modern, cleaned up, and ready to rock in this modern era. We choose a font from Future Fonts to be whimsical corporate in personality. 

💣️ The Deliverables

For all of the textures, icons, illustrations, and brand elements we made them easily importable to Canva. We modernized Renew Kings logo and developed a color palette. We wrapped all of these assets into our custom Brand Styleguide.

I had a FANTASTIC experience working with Tickyboom. From our first call to discuss my web design to the delivered product, I was impressed. They communicate well, have solid processes, and use software that makes it easy to track everything on the project. 

Aside from my experience working with them, they are also just really good at what they do. I can’t wait to do my next project with Tickyboom!

Josh, CEO @Renew King

👉️ The Needs

Biologix needed a brand identity along with a website design to help communicate its services and products. Biologix’s look was incredibly outdated and did not reflect their core values. 

⭐️ The Challenges

Biologix specialized in education certification for FAFSA and blood pathogens. So, think refinery workers and phlebotomists. Biologix has been around for a long time, and their website was a soup of information and a logo made in Microsoft Paint. No joke. So, we had our work cut out for us. We needed to communicate electronic learning, that was accredited to multiple industries with different user personas. 

✏️ Our Approach + Solutions

We started with a basic brand strategy that identified user personas along with industry research. This strategy helped set a foundation for the brand identity and website design. For the brand identity, we came up with a logo icon that communicated graduation and success, along with the digital aspect of the cursor being the tassel. The cursor tassel represented the digital learning aspect of Biologix and is easily a connection piece for users to understand immediately what Biologix was all about. For the website design, we did some essential Information Architecture to pair down and really make the existing content more laser-focused. That helped us develop a web design that helped bring Biologix into the modern era, communicate their product, instill trust, and get people to buy Biologix’s classes and get accredited. Quick and easy.

💣️ The Deliverables

We developed a logo, color palette, web design, iconography, and typography use all bundled into a Brand Style Guide. We then delivered the style guide to the web developer to build the website, in which we helped QA. The client has seen a massive increase in sales, and so far as I am writing this, has done 24M in sales. Damn, I guess design does help businesses thrive.

💫 The Needs

Vin from Fixel hired us to come up with a unique web design for Voyage Young Adult Literature. He wanted something that would accommodate a lot of content, be incredibly legible while also communicating Voyage’s core principles.

👉️ The Challenges

One of the challenges was to accommodate all of the different content scenarios and to make sure we have a beautiful design that facilitates awesome long-form reading experiences.

✏️ Our Approach + Solutions

We learned a lot about what Voyage was about and their brand thus far. We tapped into an ‘open seas’ motif visually. We created a very cool wave pattern with a dark & murky color palette. The logo was developed with a gradient use, and we took that element adding it to the CTA buttons. That created a really vibrant, heavy, and contrasting look. It was popping! For the typography, we chose a Serif for the headlines and a sans-serif for reading as we found that combo to read exceptionally well and provide enough character to keep things interesting.

🎉 The Deliverables

We designed the pages for desktop and mobile, then built the website using Elementor Pro. We developed a color palette and exported out graphics for Voyage to use in their collateral.

Dosktop Walkthrough
Mobile Walkthrough

🙏🏻 The Needs

MedConnect Pro hired us to modernize their website look and feel along with their brand identity. Their website was incredibly outdated and built on Squarespace. They were frustrated with the usability of their current site along with functional limitations. Their current identity at the time was very outdated, did not scale well, and communicated MedConnect Pro poorly.

⭐️ The Challenges

A huge challenge was that functionality on the website needed to follow HIPAA compliance. Basically, the website needed to give access to confidential information for users who create accounts on the website but have that same information hidden to non-logged-in users. All, while having a complex and beautiful website design. Another challenge was that the name was long as the official full name was “MedConnect Pro Your IME Professionals”

🙅🏽 Our Approach + Solutions

We learned about MedConnect Pro’s services, core values, history, and goals with their brand and website. They prided themselves on providing a service that helps folks while keeping their information confidential. We felt honored to be able to come up with a design that would help others get important information quickly and efficiently while looking beautiful and providing an exceptional user experience. For their identity, we took a type-only approach. We set their name, which was long, in a stacked type lockup. This allows MedConnect Pro to use the lock-up in many different ways along with being clear as to what company someone would be looking at when they saw the logo and accommodate an incredibly long name. 

💣️ The Deliverables

We designed and developed a full website, color palette, typography palette, and simplified brand identity. We used Beaver Builder to build the website and wrapped all brand assets into our custom Brand Styleguide for the client.

Desktop Walkthrough
Mobile Walkthrough

🙏🏻 The Needs

Marcia, who runs Save Orangutans Now, hired us to create a brand identity and website for her non-profit organization that she would be launching. She also needed the website to accept donations and allow the public to sign online petitions.

🎧️ The Challenges

The challenges were to find good solutions that were not bloated and allow all of Marcia’s goals to be accomplished. The solutions also needed to be user-friendly enough to allow Marcia to do simple tasks on the site. 

☕️ Our Approach + Solutions

We started by learning everything we could about orangutans and the evil that Marcia was trying to fight with her organization. We came up with a logo of an orangutan hiding behind a leaf representing the fear they may live in, while also being curious and incredibly intelligent. For the web design, we went heavy on warm colors and textures to connect with a potential supporter. We also implemented a blog and encouraged Marcia to post educational information to help further educate newbies on the cause. We also created iconography to help bolster SON's visual language.

🔥 The Deliverables

We used Elementor to build the site along with Give WP to handle donations. We designed a color palette, brand identity, typography palette and put them all together in our custom brand style guide for Marcia. We also provided many tutorial videos to help Marcia with tasks she could do herself on the site.

Website, Desktop Walkthrough
Website, Mobile Walkthrough

🙏🏻 The Needs

Matt Lisle runs a famous baseball coaching program called Coach Lisle. He approached us a while back to help develop his brand and design a new website for his online presence. He needed to be able to tell his story, book baseball camps, sell his book and house a blog. NBD!

🎒The Challenges

There was only really one challenge in this project, and that was how to position Matt as either a baseball coach or a softball coach. Two very different audiences we came to learn. 

🔥 Our Approach + Solutions

For Matt’s strategic positioning, we decided to move forward with focusing on the Softball aspect in the items that Matt sells and writes about and the baseball aspect being part of his personal story on the website. This balance worked really well! It allowed us to create a single bank of graphics that could live in either the softball or baseball positioning. For the e-commerce side of things, we hooked into Amazon to sell his books and Mailchimp to do drip marketing.

💣️ The Deliverables

We developed a color palette, web design, book mockups, and custom icons. We then built all of this with Elementor.

I would, and have already, recommended Tickyboom to other businesses. They went above and beyond in helping me revamp my site and they truly understood my needs. They were always patient with changes that needed to be made along the way and with my learning process of building a functional site. Any changes we did make were always done quickly.

By staying engaged, asking questions, and giving suggestions, my vision became their vision. This was important as the project was to transfer to my old website to something so much better.

What I like best about Tickyboom is that they were committed to getting it right. They delivered on their promise and on my vision. I’m confident they will deliver for you and your project as well.

Matt Lisle, Founder @CoachLisle

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