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Tickyboom Design - Our Print Design Service

With print design, we find we can really tell an impacting story. Our main focus is event/music posters as they utilize our strengths of unique creative and fun illustration. It also helps that Nicky has her degree wit ha an emphasis in Print design, so we have deep levels of expertise.

What We Offer

Here are a few examples of print projects we encounter and feel are super strong at. Dripping ink and custom illustrations is our jam.

We love and excel at making posters. Events, music, anything that needs to be a poster is us. We love learning about the need, what we are communicating, and then we get to making something truly one of a kind. Then we love coming up with creative ways to print that poster. Screenprinting, overprinting, full bleed, stamps, we even throw paint at paper. Ok, maybe we get carried away, but that is what you need 🙂

Collateral is an umbrella term for any print documents you may need for your company internally or externally. These elements can be letterhead, business cards, billboards, annual reports, comment cards, brochures, folder designs. These documents are usually the backbone of your brand, and we can get you looking pretty and impacting.

Custom Illustration:
We bring your vision to life with custom illustration. We really soar at telling stories with pencil and paper, then digitizing and vectorizing for wide use. We have a distinct style and love doing the hard work of creating impacting custom art.

What We Deliver

We put a lot of work into our print design. Here is what we commonly deliver to you, and the thinking behind it.

Mechanicals For The Printer:
We will always provide you the mechanicals ready for print, and we will also talk to your printer and get them files. We will also talk to the printer to get print specs and make sure there are no hiccups. Usually, we will supply the final files as a print-ready PDF for simplicity and easy access for you.

Social Media Adapted:
We will take your print design and adapt it to various social media sizes. This will help you tell a broader story and create an added impact to your audience.

Online Delivery:
We will deliver your full mechanical, digital kit to you online, and in a password protected area that only you have access to, broken out into the different asset types for ease of organization.

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Tickyboom Design - Our Print Design Service

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