Raindrop IO – The Best Bookmark Manager Review

We will do an in-depth review of this bookmark manager called Raindrop.IO – It’s awesome!

We have gone through many bookmark managers and have always felt blah about them. They start off amazing until you really start putting them through the paces.

That has changed for us with Raindrop.io – OMG is this app awesome. I finally feel confident in saving and organizing my bookmarks and being able to easily access them anywhere on any device.

Some highlights

  • Favorite bookmarks
  • Tag bookmarks
  • Find duplicate bookmarks
  • Find dead linked bookmarks
  • Auto prediction for tags
  • Categorize bookmarks
  • Accessible via the app, browser, and mobile devices.

Get Raindrop.IO here now ↗

The music playing in the background as we did the review is this dope mix by Matador:

The end song credits go to this awesome mix by CloZEE here:

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