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Responsive Web Design Service - Bay Area, CA

A website is such a huge brand ambassador for you. You can leverage a website to tell a rich story through imagery, blogs, copy, video, and the overall experience that your audience has on your site.

What We Offer

There are quite a different amount of websites you could make, but we have made some simple categories for you to think about. It is valuable to have an idea of what kind of site you would like to help us understand what we need to design and build and get you an accurate quote.

One Page site:
A one-pager is super awesome if you don’t have much to say. A one-page site is literally one page and usually contains anchor links. The one exception is that if there is a blog, it is technically considered a multipage site, but only in the blog department. A one-pager is awesome if you need to establish your brand, but aren’t ready to do a full-blown site. We think of this as a starter step. This type of site would still have navigation and utilize jump points for a user of the site to jump to the different sections. A disadvantage of one-page sites is they are not that great for SEO. A huge advantage is if done super clean and succinctly, they can be a huge great start for your online presence.

Multi-page/full-blown website:
A multipage or full-blown website is the most common. These kinds of websites will usually have pages like About Us, Contact Us, Portfolio, Blog, Services. This type of website is perfect for when you have a lot of your company that you want to communicate. It helps you establish your brand and personality. It also is an SEO monster and can really help you get exposure by having many entry points into your website, and parts of your company. With multi-page websites, you can have E-commerce, a blog, or any type of lead generation you would like.

E-commerce website:
The difference with an E-commerce website compared to the other ones mentioned is in the focus. An E-Commerce website is optimized for selling goods. Usually, there will be an about page, blog and then the rest of the site will be solely used for E-commerce. One thing to note, if you are going to be using E-commerce or collecting people’s data, you will need to make sure your web hosting is PCI Compliant. Web security is tightening up greatly. You will also need to get SSL security attached to your web hosting.

What add-on services does Tickyboom offer?

Here are essential services we offer to help you communicate your brand, and take care of your website best after it is built, designed, and deployed.

Illustrations / Custom Imagery:
We love taking your website design to new heights with illustration or custom imagery developed especially for your brand. With this package, we will develop either custom icons, illustrated scenes, custom photography, custom imagery that will tell your story on your website with impact.

Basic SEO – Search Engine Optimization:
A fancy way of saying how people will find you when they use search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex. We have a basic service where we set up your SEO, get you hooked into Google Search console, set up your sitemaps, set you up on Bing and Yandex, and also get you recognized by these search engines to start crawling your site for search terms. We will also set up a custom Title, Description, and one Keyword per top-level page. This basic set up will help you get started in people finding you via organic search. If you want more in-depth SEO we suggest you utilize our basic set up and then hire someone who does this as a specialist.

Website Care Package:
We will monitor your website’s uptime/downtime, do regular backups, monitor security, and update your plugins and frameworks. This is essential for website health and security. Hackers will target websites with older versions, and use it to do their hackery. Even if you do not choose this add-on, you will want to have something set up to do this for you, as it is mandatory. We take great care in making sure your website is always running in tip-top shape, and will also provide you with a monthly report as to the work that was done on your site. Basically, it is a way for you to breathe easy each month, and do what you do best – Kick butt with your brand.

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