Rivera Business Card Design Template

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How a business card design can level up your brand. How custom illustration is a silver bullet.

This business card design is for Adobe Illustrator 5+ and Adobe CC. This is a design template file, and not a mockup.

Brand Ambassador

A business card is not only a brand ambassador but a chance to make a lasting first impression. With this business card design, you will make that lasting first impression. We have created custom illustrated patterns, and modern, minimal design to equip you to spread your brand. We have also created vertical and horizontal layouts. Think of this as a fantastic design system. You can mix and match vertical and horizontal, and even mix up patterns. It’s like design magic in your hands.

Rivera Business Card Design Template 1

Simple as 1-2-3: Install Font, Choose Design and input info, Print and rule!

Rivera Business Card Design Template 2

Rivera Business Card Design Template 3

Here is what you will get with Rivera Business Card Template:

  • Walkthrough video: https://youtu.be/biaoJvvB0Lg
  • 6 Vertical Layout Adobe Illustrator Files
  • 6 Horizontal Layout Adobe Illustrator Files
  • 6 different custom illustrated patterns (in each file or it’s .AI file)
  • Manrope Font from font squirrel http://bit.ly/2uFwAgG
  • Print Ready Clean and Pristine Files
  • Simply install the font, open the desired file, and input your information, then print and rule!
  • Vertical Orientation has 2 separate layouts per-version. Design options galore.

We really do hope this business card design template equips you well, and you feel empowered to hand them out.

Rivera Business Card Design Template 4

Grab this awesome design template here:

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