Rotated Patterns – 17 Unique Shapes on Creative Market Now!

17 Textures to level up your brand. How to use these textures. How these textures will benefit you!

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17 Rotated Pattern Shapes is a collection of custom illustrated rotating pattern shapes.

They are hand drawn and then vectorized with the utmost craftsmanship! These are super fun and creative shapes that will be super useful for you in creating business cards, logos, or anything that needs a super unique graphic touch.

The shapes are easily customizable, and you can use the curated color palette, or color them yourself. They come pre-colored and also in black and white for you to create your own color goodness.

Rotated Patterns - 17 Unique Shapes on Creative Market Now! 1

Rotated Patterns - 17 Unique Shapes on Creative Market Now! 2

Here is what you will get:

  • 17 Unique Custom Vector Rotated Pattern Shapes
  • 17 Color Versions
  • 17 Black and White Versions (34 Total Usable Shapes)
  • Curated Color Palette
  • User Guide
  • Walkthrough / Tutorial Video:
  • Easily Customizable and ready for your impressive touch
  • Can be used in Illustrator, Sketch, Photoshop, InDesign, XD
  • These are not product mockups, they are individual and custom graphic shapes in vector form.

Grab these now!

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