Us Illustration Speed Art Pt. 1

See our first stages of this illustration in this speed art.

In This Timelapse

We love to make illustrations with faces—side profile is preferred, always been a bit of an ASMR for us. This illustration started in Amaziograph for the iPad. The app allows you to draw with symmetry and multiple grid planes for mancala type illustrations. It is entertaining to use and experiment with. As you draw, you can turn off symmetry grids to draw different marks in spots and then switch the grids back on.

This illustration speed art starts after Amaziograph in Adobe Illustrator using a similar tool from Astute Graphics called ‘Mirror Me.’ 

Mirror Me

As you can see here in the speedart, we set up our symmetry grid with Astute’s Mirror Me add on first. Setting up the grid first allows us to draw on one side while seeing the other side automagically appear. Once we got farther down the line, we then turned off the grid, illustrated different marks on both sides, and then flipped the grid back on. The cool thing about Mirror Me is that once you flip the grid back on, you will see the symmetry grid again in the same exact spot where you set it. From what I can tell, it is dependant on vector points and not the artboard coordinates. Thank goodness.

In this video, you will also see us using DynamicScribe from Astute Graphics. It is as if Adobe redesigned the pen tool to be more fluid, but Astute Graphics did it instead.


The music you hear in this speedart is from a new favorite band of ours called Khruangbin. They are a trip. They play almost surf rock hip hop 60’s smoky vibes modern art. They also seem like fascinating characters when you see their videos. They remind me of a hippie Sprockets. Weird, but so groovy, and they get the creative synapses firing. 

Check out Khurangbin ↗

Song in video:

Tools List

Adobe Illustrator (← Link)

Astute Graphics (← Link)

AG Mirror Me (← Link)

AG DynamicScribe (← Link)

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