Use Elementor’s Navigator Like A Boss

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Our preferred builder of choice is Elementor – it’s like a breath of fresh air. One of Elementor’s tools that we love is Navigator. It is super powerful both for us designers and clients.

I think the reason we like Navigator is that it is like working in a design program with layers. Navigator helps you with organization, clarity, and accessing elements that may be hard to get to (hello z-indexed elements).

We created this tutorial video to help out those who may be starting with Elementor, those who don’t use Navigator much, or clients that want to use Elementor better. This tutorial will explain how to use Navigator to it’s fullest.

Also, there is a bug in Elementor while using Navigator; we left that in the video because how embarrassing, and it is good to show how to get around it.

The music playing in the background is this dope beat tape by Jazzbois:

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