Using Soul Sections: Intro + How It Works

What Soul Sections really are? How Soul Sections works. The options of Soul Sections.

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Ever feel caught in a module tornado while designing and developing?

Soul Sections is a module for use with Beaver Builder that is insanely powerful. This video will introduce the thinking behind the module, how Soul Sections works and a tour of the options.

We used to use third-party modules to extend past Beaver Builders stock modules. We felt like we would be caught in a module tornado while designing our sites. There should be a better way. We think with Soul Sections there is.

Soul Plugins - Soul Sections
Soul Plugins – The makers of Soul Sections

Here is what we will be going over in the video:

How did we find out about Soul Sections?
Why Soul Sections?
How Soul Sections Works?
A tour of the UI and options.

We hope you are inspired by this tool and can see how powerful it is. Also, we hope you see how it can level up your design and development process. Boom!

Want to get Soul Sections?

4 thoughts on “Using Soul Sections: Intro + How It Works”

  1. I sometimes forget where i set padding or margin or set something in regular BB- wonder how much more complicated and hard this will be for me to figure out – how did i do this…
    when there is 31 ways to do something it becomes very difficult to understand what has been done – and so many pages and settings i can see becoming an issue.. What do you say to tat concern?

    • I feel you there – but I think this has nothing to do with the plugin but in how you create a system for yourself. For example: if I created a Soul Sections module that was to be used for a hero banner design. I would dial the design in, make sure all my spacing and design was solid from mobile to desktop. Then I would save that module or row as a reusable element in Beaver Builder. You keep doing that for your design and before you know you have a design system full of reusable elements. To me I had the same concern as you with the added fields in Soul Sections, until I started using it. Also, I would be writing down my padding and margin settings so no matter what module I was using I would have consistency. It’s a fun journey 🙂

  2. You mention in the video that you would put a link to a Flex Box cheat sheet in the description, but it’s not there. I could obviously google it, but am wondering if you have one you think is particularly good.


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