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Brand Evolution for this Food Data giant!

Tyler at Attribytes hired us to develop and evolve Attribytes’ brand. He was the brand manager at Attribytes and knew what he wanted to evolve his brand to. We were excited to be working with Tyler and Attribytes.

Industry: Food, Data Analytics

One of the challenges is that Attribytes has so many products that were very technical in explanations. The challenge was how do you communicate better and look beautiful while you do that? Another challenge was to look contemporary but not trendy and have this new look not become a dead trend within a year or less.

We worked closely with Tyler to understand Attribytes brand, its principles, and what its promise was. We even got a walkthrough on using the app that is their main product that houses all of their services. By learning all about the intricacies of what Attrbytes does and see what it’s customers use, helped inform our design decisions. We used a web design to develop a set of icons, textures, and expand the existing color palette. We also used a web design to help flesh out simpler language and consolidating content down to digestible chunks. We also worked on an intro sequence for their mobile app using their new design language and illustrations. We had a lot of fun!

We custom-designed and built with Elementor a brand style guide in the Attribytes website to house the following assets: color palette, typography palette, textures, iconography, illustrations, and web designs.

Fun Facts: Custom Icon Set created, Digital textures, App Design, Elementor

Tools Used:

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