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Hope Academy

A warm and inviting website design to help this School for Dyslexics.

Hope Academy is a school for kids with Dyslexia located in Concord, CA. They hired us to help communicate what they do to prospective parents through their website. We also did some basic brand strategy and positioning for them as well, as they felt a little lost on how to connect with their audience in a meaningful way.

Industry: Specialized Education

There were a couple of challenges in this project. One was learning all there was about Dyslexia. We always try to learn as much as we can about the industry we are working in. Learning about Dyslexia provided challenges in trying to ingest factual and helpful information. We even contemplated using a ‘Dyslexic’ typeface until we realized, they are sort of useless and don’t have much data backing that they are effective. Another challenge was learning how to communicate and position Hope Academy’s goals and offerings.

We started the project off by doing a discovery session and learning about Hope Academy’s goals, offerings, and approach. This helped us make strategic branding decisions on how to position and visually communicate Hope Academy on their website. Part of our discovery sessions led to helping shorten their URL, develop a plan to offer a resource center to help educate parents, and general cleaning up of their content to make it more concise and impactful. Our design approach was to have a modern, gridded feel that would help create definable sections of information. We wanted to make sure to break up the content into blocks to help potential parents with Dyslexia not get overwhelmed while learning about Hope Academy. We also chose typefaces that were not too heavy on character and were incredibly legible. Another design decision we made was to go on the warmer end of the color palette along with utilizing textures to really connect on a human level with Hope Academy’s audience in a positive way. We utilized Invision to prototype a website design to make sure we were hitting the mark in real-world applications.

We developed a fully responsive website design, improved color palette, and strategy to help Hope Academy be the best and most positive force online that it can possibly be. So far, they are at full enrollment through the next couple of years. That is neat! We used Elementor Pro to build the site along with Gibson typeface by Canada Type, and Covik Mono from Oh No Typeface. What a fun project.

Fun Facts: Gibson Typeface, Covik Mono, Elementor Pro

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