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Jason + Kat

Invitation design to tell a love story for the ages.

Jason and Kat hired us to create a custom wedding invitation design for their wedding. They wanted to tell a rich story of their life together and personalities with the design.

Industry: Marriage, Invitations

The only huge challenge with this project was to find a high-quality letterpress that was affordable, and local. We have usually used Dependable Letterpress in San Francisco, but they were a little out of budget. After much research, we found a printer in Concord called Red Dog. They were super awesome and did an incredible job.

We really got to know Jason and Kat to learn about their lives together, We found out that they loved traveling have lived in some really amazing cities. We decided to tell that story with a custom illustrated invitation front. We illustrated the three major cities that Jason and Kat have lived together, marking rich adventures together. For the RSVP and main info card, we mimicked a muni ticket and expanded upon travel in S.F. as that was Jason and Kat’s Save The Date. A nice tie-in! We had the front of the Invitation letterpress and set upon a custom thick paper color to add an element of depth. Jason and Kat were beyond happy, and so were we.

Main Invitation Card, Custom R.S.V.P card

Fun Facts: Custom illustrations, Letterpress, SF Muni

Tools Used:

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