The official bomb logo for Tickyboom in all blue.
Hella Bomb, so Hella Hella that Bomb Unicorns Will fly in the air with smiles ok ok ok ok??

Pump Up The Jam

A brand identity for some tasty ass jams!

Chelsea, the owner of Pump Up The Jam hired us to develop a brand strategy along with a brand identity for a new business she was opening. Tasty ass jams. Pump Up The Jam was born.

Industry: Food

One of the challenges was that this was the first business Chelsea was starting, and no idea what she wanted or what she should want. The other challenge was to figure out what type of packaging she could use and what legal obligations she had to adhere to for her label design. It was fun to learn about this industry and help her along the way with design and information that would be useful to her journey.

We started with a very basic brand strategy in defining PUTJ’s audience, core values, and promise. Developing the promise was foundational: “To provide tasty ass jams”. This led the rest of the visual development. We tapped into 90’s hip-hop and party jams. We wanted to communicate liveliness and personality without being over the top cheesy. Simple is always best as you can do so much with simplicity in your brand rollout. A simple P with a crown set in pink. Pure perfection. We then took the identity work and developed a label system to start Chelsea off with her first few jam drops.

We developed a strategy, brand identity, and color palette wrapped up in our custom Brand Style Guide for Chelsea to access. We also designed a label system for Chelsea’s first few jam drops.

Fun Facts: Avant Garde Logotype, 90’s Hip Hop, Party Music

Tools Used:

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