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Renew King

Providing a fresh digital face for this magical marketing service.

Josh at Renew King hired us to take his brand to another level. He runs a service that helps insurance companies with retaining customer relationships and get Google Reviews along with other marketing tasks. His current website was not communicating clearly what they do along with looking outdated and mish-mashy.

Industry: SAAS, Marketing, Insurance

One challenge was to understand fully what Renew King offered service-wise, and how to communicate that with design and illustration. Another challenge was that Josh needed to use a lot of the assets we developed for Canva and his marketing efforts. We needed to think about our designs being easily exportable and importable.

As we do with all of our projects, we got to know our client and their core principles. We really pushed ourselves to understand the product and tap into what its superpower was. We developed illustrations to quickly communicate the power of Renew King and all of the tasks it helps business with and Renew King’s positive impact on businesses. We then developed a contemporary web design that was unique to others in his industry. The web design focused on pockets of information making the user look at chunks of information and take it in easier. Finally, we re-worked Renew King’s logo to be a touch more modern, cleaned up, and ready to rock in this modern era. We choose a font from Future Fonts to be whimsical corporate in personality.

For all of the textures, icons, illustrations, and brand elements we made them easily importable to Canva. We modernized Renew Kings logo and developed a color palette. We wrapped all of these assets into our custom Brand Styleguide.

I had a FANTASTIC experience working with Tickyboom. From our first call to discuss my web design to the delivered product, I was impressed. They communicate well, have solid processes, and use software that makes it easy to track everything on the project.

Aside from my experience working with them, they are also just really good at what they do. I can’t wait to do my next project with Tickyboom!

Josh, CEO @Renew King

Fun Facts: Mint Grotesk Logotype, Custom Illustrations, Serif Headlines rule

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