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Helping this non-profit save Orangutans now with identity and web design.

Marcia, who runs Save Orangutans Now, hired us to create a brand identity and website for her non-profit organization that she would be launching. She also needed the website to accept donations and allow the public to sign online petitions.

Industry: Non-profit organizations

The challenges were to find good solutions that were not bloated and allow all of Marcia’s goals to be accomplished. The solutions also needed to be user-friendly enough to allow Marcia to do simple tasks on the site.

We started by learning everything we could about orangutans and the evil that Marcia was trying to fight with her organization. We came up with a logo of an orangutan hiding behind a leaf representing the fear they may live in, while also being curious and incredibly intelligent. For the web design, we went heavy on warm colors and textures to connect with a potential supporter. We also implemented a blog and encouraged Marcia to post educational information to help further educate newbies on the cause. We also created iconography to help bolster SON's visual language.

We used Elementor to build the site along with Give WP to handle donations. We designed a color palette, brand identity, typography palette and put them all together in our custom brand style guide for Marcia. We also provided many tutorial videos to help Marcia with tasks she could do herself on the site.

Fun Facts: Alegreya typeface, Proxima Soft, Orangutan logo, Textures galore, Custom Icons

Tools Used:

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