The official bomb logo for Tickyboom in all blue.
Hella Bomb, so Hella Hella that Bomb Unicorns Will fly in the air with smiles ok ok ok ok??

Team Bubbly

Animation and Web Dev for this dope Video Studio

Team Bubbly hired us to implement a design and to come up with animations to spice up the website. I put this in our portfolio as the site came out fantastic and the animations were super challenging and fun. We were also hired to be design consultants for aspects that were not covered in the original design.

Industry: Video Production

One of the major challenges was that Team Bubbly will have heavy assets to show in their portfolio. This greatly affects load time. We had to come up with a strategy to serve up heavy assets while having the website load in a reasonable timeline.

We first came up with animations that might be very cool and got approval from Team Bubbly. The idea was to come up with areas on the site where a user would hover over an element and bubbles would animate from the hover. This would only apply to the desktop breakpoint but makes for a very unique experience. We broke the animations into chunks around the elements on the site to have them scale easily. We also came up with videos starting to play in the background on hover and not loading the asset until hover. Super fun!

We used Elementor to build the site, and After Effects to develop the animations as Lottie Files.

Fun Facts: Lottie Animations, Video background on hover, Elementor

Tools Used:

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