The official bomb logo for Tickyboom in all blue.
Hella Bomb, so Hella Hella that Bomb Unicorns Will fly in the air with smiles ok ok ok ok??

Transmit Studio

A brand identity for the best Wordpress Dev in the nine realms!

Dave at Transmit Studio needed a new brand identity as his was outdated and did not reflect his brand promise. He was also looking to pivot to just WordPress Development and needed an identity that would set him apart from his competitors and reflect his personality.

Industry: Wordpress Web Development

One of the challenges was that there was no brief. Literally Dave knew he needed a new look and strategy, but had no idea what he wanted. While a blank slate is a dream it can also be a huge challenge. The other challenge was that the industry Dave was in was very saturated, so his identity really had to stand out.

Our first step was to get to know Dave and the goals he wanted to accomplish with his brand. We asked him about his strengths and weaknesses. We asked him why he should be hired over his competition. With every question, we asked we realized that he had an amazing personality and that customer service was his superpower. Those were our anchor points of what we needed to communicate in his brand identity. We designed a Transmit Studio robot that was at your WordPress service, making his client’s life magical. We named him Ubie - short for Uber Awesome! It was a smash hit! The typeface used in the logo was a nod to coding, adding another fun layer to this identity.

We developed a logo, logotype, logo variations for a wide range of logo use, color palette, typography use all packaged up into our custom Brand Style Guide. Dave won with this identity and he is set apart visually from his competition.

Fun Facts: League Spartan + League Mono Font, Robot Mascot

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